The NextSim interview series aims to introduce readers to the people behind our research. Jordi Pons, an aeronautics engineering expert from the  International Centre For Numerical Methods In Engineering (CIMNE), leads NextSim´s Work Package 5 (Dissemination, Training and Exploitation). Learn more about his thoughts and motivations regarding the project

What is your position at CIMNE and what is your research area?

At CIMNE I’m appointed as the Head of the Aeronautical Engineering Group, besides my research role as assistant research professor.

Besides leading NextSim´s dissemination efforts, you are also in charge of creating the project´s Best Practice Guidelines. Could you explain why this is important?

NextSim is a research-oriented effort with a strong industrial perspective. The development of CODA software, which is aimed to replace TAU software, is crucial for the competitiveness of the aeronautical industry. Best Practice Guidelines is a tool to ensure that further developments are fulfilling the expectation defined during the NextSim project.

What would you have done if you were not a researcher?

I define myself as an engineer. After finishing my engineering degree, and during the first years of my PhD, I worked at industrial companies. So I guess, that not following a research career would have meant to follow an engineering career.

Have you encountered any challenges in pursuing your research career?

As mentioned, I did my PhD part-time with working for an industrial company. The main challenge was getting the PhD while working.

How is your experience with NextSim so far?

Participating in a research project, with partners from all across Europe, is always an exciting  and challenging event. Technical discussion are always interesting, an opportunity to learn new things, but unfortunately, all the meetings so far have taken place in a virtual way.

What do you hope NextSim can achieve beyond the life of the project?

From a project perspective, I hope to be able to further contribute on the development of the CFD tool, and CODA in particular. That means that either the project partners or anyone else can take the outcome of the NextSim project to foster the progress of the CFD field. From a particular point of view of CIMNE, go on with this developments into CODA, but also on our in-house tools is paramount to keep the competitiveness of our research.

What advice would you give young researchers who would like to follow in your footsteps?

It is always difficult to give advice. But, for sure, if someone is interested in pursuing a research career, being ready to work abroad, being open-minded to take many sources of information and merge all them, and to learn from all of them.